Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Three months off- Alex Oxlade Chamberlain

Three months off- Alex Oxlade Chamberlain

One of the best midfielder of Arsenal, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain has fallen to injury for three months with medical knee problem. The medical team of the club has found the result after scanning on Monday. 

The doctors expect him to return late November in the field with Arsenal jersey. With the midfield, Arsenal also lost About Diaby for knee injury, Thomas Vermaelen for back injury and Mikel Arteta for thigh injury.

It is also regret and bad news for the England Manager as he expected so many things from this 20-years old midfielder during the World Cup qualifier matches in September and October. Arsenal also denied to sell this player on 10 million Euros that was given by Newcastle on Monday.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

“Daylight Robbery”, Kevin

 “Daylight Robbery”, Kevin

Due to expire of parking, England batsman Kevin Petersen’s car was towed from his own house. Although he says, “it is a daylight robbery for him.”

It is believed from the twitter of Kevin, he was very angry after the incident happened. This English batsman has to pay 240 pound release fee for 4 x 4 cars was seized. The car was standing in front of his house in Chelsea.

Monday, August 19, 2013

“Don’t call me Warne”- Fawad

 “Don’t call me Warne”- Fawad

The formal Pakistani Leg-spinner Fawad Ahmed had to leave his country due to life risk. He started to live in Australia and joined Australian league games. With outstanding efforts on leg-spin, he will debut in return Ashes series in Australia.

Some of the legends are calling Fawad as next Shane Warne, the greatest leg-spinner of the world. But, Fawad says in a conference, “Shane Warne is the greatest leg-spinner of the world. I am nothing in front of him. So, don’t call me Warne as it’s only my beginning of career in Australia.”

Due to failure in last Ashes series, Australian coach requires some great players and rebuilds their team. With high quality performance in the League Games and County Cricket, Fawad Ahmed has recalled to the Australian team.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Downing Now with West Ham

Downing, the international winger of England has joined to West Ham United Club with 4 years contract from Liverpool. He says, “It’s great to be a part of this team. I have already played some decent matches on the pre-seasonal matches with Liverpool and hope to play first game vs. Cardiff City.”

Downing is the 4th signing player for this transfer season for West Ham United after Spanish goalkeeper Adrian, Danny Whitehead- midfielder and Carroll from Liverpool.
The signing price is not settling yet between these two clubs but the manager hope that this season will be a unique one for their team.

No Need Gareth Bale

The former Spain international player Los Blancos says, “Real Madrid does not need Gareth Bale as an important and vital player. Yea, Of course, he can be a good star to strengthen this club but not must for this club.”

Real Madrid has already decided to bid for Gareth Bale with 115 million euro who was the player of the Barclays Premier League. The legend believes that he is one of the most delighted players and can be a good option for this club but not must.

This 48 years old football legend had appearances on Real Madrid over 500 matches from 1983 to 2001. Still, he is a good singer for deciding and giving good direction to this club.