Friday, September 27, 2013

Record Salary speed up CR7

The real playmaker and Real Madrid hero, Cristiano Ronaldo has increased his contract to 5 years. By signing the contract, he is the leading salary gainer from any other player of the world. 
Record Salary for Awesome Playings

After the contract, CR7 has already scored seven goals in three matches, which is just outstanding. Last night, he again scored two goals and adds 3 points for his team. Record salary has speed up CR7 highlighted in many dailies.

Although manager and Coach are not satisfied with Real Madrid performance, CR7 is playing his role. On the other hand, 100 million players Gareth Bale was again unable to score!

Monday, September 23, 2013

“Oscar Number 10 Player,” Mourinho

Juan Mata was the main playmaker of Chelsea during last season and showed extra ordinary playing. But, new manager Mourinho has already declare Brazilian Oscar is the number one playmaker for his team. 

Although Mata has played good in last season and voted as good player, he has unable to close to Mourinho. In the team place, Mourinho has given Ramires and Oscar a new place on side and Mata’s place will be behind a sticker.
If anyone tells me, Oscar is not best playmaker from the beginning of the season, I will not agree,” says Mourinho. “Oscar will be number 10 player and Ramires and Mata will player from the sides.”

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Totti on 40

Formal Captain and stricker of Italy, Totti has signed the 1 year contract of Roma. By signing the contract,
Totti assures, he will play at the age of 40 also. He is the player who wins World Cup for Italy in 2006. 

Totti says, “ It feels good when your club tries to keep you in their team. I am quite happy with old and new arrivals of the club.” He has already scored 228 goals for Roma. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Real Madrid Rejected

Germany international player Gomez liked to move Serie A instead of Real Madrid during last transfer season. Mario Gomez planned to move Real Madrid leaving Bayern Munich but joined Fiorentina club.

He confirmed that Carlo Ancelotti wanted him to strengthen striker zone of Real Madrid during summer transfer season. However, he rejected Real Madrid for Fiorentina Club last transfer season.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

“Shock Transfer for Arsenal” Mesut Ozil’s Transfer

German Wenger Mesut Ozil has joined Arsenal to bear genuine title contenders on last day of transfer season. This formal Real Madrid player has signed for 5-year contract with his new club.

It was the most shocking transfer in this season to the Real Madrid fan as Ozil asked for transfer. After Spanish Goal=keeper Casillas, Ozil also suffers from lack of matches. On the other hand, new signing Bale will play on his place. So, it was though Ozil will also join reserve bench after Casillas.   

Arsenal has to pay 42.5 million pound for this awesome winger. After missing Ba and Gonzalo Higuain, he target Ozil to buy. Now Ozil is the top earning player of the Arsenal. 

Zidan and Ronaldo also shocked of Ozil’s behavior. Inco says, “ Ozil say me to stay with Real Madrid. But it is shocking when he agree Arsenal offer.