Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Barclays Premier League Update: Barclays Premier League Preview 2013

Barclays Premier League Update 2013

2013 games of Barclays Premier League are going to be ended. Lots of funs, good games, bad games, great changes happened in Barclays Premier League. Different team has got their player and be in the top in this year of Barclays Premier League Title.

Barclays Premier League Title by Manchester City

Barclays Premier League Title by Manchester City

Manchester City won the Barclays Premier League title of 2012/13 season. Therefore, the year was great for the team. The team gets good players like Nasri, David Silva, and Augero but sell the finest player Tevez.

Good Bye the Greatest Legend Sir Alex Ferguson

Legend Sir Alex Ferguson touch the Barclays Premier League trophy final time

Sir Alex Ferguson, the greatest name in the field of Football management. He is the person who ruled Barclays Premier League 27 years with Manchester United, FA Cup, English League, and European League and so on. He retired from Manchester United with a style lifting the Barclays Premier League trophy last time.

World Record Transfer for Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale the world’s expensive player with Best PLAYER CRISTINAO RONALDO

World’s most expensive player Gareth Bale was sold to La Liga club Real Madrid from Barclays Premier League club Tottenham. The transfer completed with 85.3 million pound in September and quite happy in the team. Last world record was 80 million pound for the Cristinao Ronaldo from Manchester United.

Dominance Season for Bayern Munich

A successful Year for Bayern Munich manager Jupp heynckes

A fulfill season passed by the Bayern Munich manager Jupp heynckes by securing all the cups in the season. With his leading and controlling, Bayern Munich became the first club that won the Bundesliga, the Champions League and the German cup in one season- 2012/2013

Brazil Stop Spanish Winning Run

Brazil winning pic on Confederations Cup 

Spain played 29 international matches without beaten from the June, 2010. Brazil stopped the run unbeaten team in the Confederations Cup final by 3-0. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Mesut Ozil Misses Arsenal games

Barclays Premier League Injury Update

Mesut Ozil going to missed 3/4 games of Arsenal due to injury on last game. He has already misses the game against Newcastle that brings Arsenal to the top of the table of Barclays Premier League table.
Mesut Ozil is on injury during game against West Ham United in Barclays Premier League.

Mesut Ozil has already played 6 games with Arsenal and 5 Barclays Premier League games since arrived on Arsenal. He is going well till 80 minutes against West Ham United. But, he faced injured and leave the ground after this. He also scored for Arsenal.

At the same game of Barclays Premier League, Arsenal loses Aaron Ramsey and now another midfielder star, Mesut Ozil. 

Barclays Premier League Update: Arsenal On The Top Spot

Barclays Premier League Update

Arsenal regains the first position on the point table of Barclays Premier League on the last game of 2013 by winning 1-0 goal against Newcastle United.
Point table of Barclays Premier League at the end of 2013

Manchester City was securing the first position by winning the last game. If the Gunners fail to win the game, they have to in the second position. But, they secure the first position and likely to continue the form. 

Barclays Premier League: Manchester City vs. Crystal palace

Manchester City wins the game against Crystal Palace and secures the first position on Barclays Premier League last night. But, within 24hours, Arsenal wins the game and ends the year by regaining the top place of the point table.

Barclays Premier League: Chelsea vs. Liverpool

Another big crush between Chelsea and Liverpool on last night finishes with 2-1 goals. Chelsea wins the game with the goal of Eden Hazard and Samuel Eto’s. Mourinho win the big game in the recent Barclays Premier League Title.
Mourinho’s joy after winning the game against Liverpool and en the 2013 on 3rd place 

Super Hero, Luis Suarez was flop on the day against Chelsea and failed to score. This is Liverpool’s 2nd lose in a row after Manchester City and now Chelsea. As a result, they are on the 5th place now.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Liverpool vs. Chelsea on Barclays Premier League

Barclays Premier League top leading team Liverpool will going to face Chelsea tonight at 10pm at Stamford Bridge. This will be the greatest match in the current season of Barclays Premier League.

Big Crush Chelsea vs. Liverpool at Barclays Premier League

Today’s game will be first match of Jose Mourinho against Liverpool in Barclays Premier League. He thinks Liverpool’s aim will win the title of Barclays Premier League as they are absent from European competition.

Luis Suarez is on the top of the table and Mourinho is aware of him. But, Chelsea also has Oscar, Mata and Hazzard on the middle of field to support. Now, its matter of fact, is Chelsea going to beat super form player Luis Suarez and Liverpool in the upcoming match?

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ramsey Injured, Arsenal’s Big Loss

Barclays Premier Legue: Arsenal 

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey injured last match at West Ham United. A thigh injury will keep him out of the team the rest of the Christmas schedule.

Ramsay has been playing well and key player like Ozil for Arsenal in the Barclays Premier league Title 2013-14 seasons. On the game, Arsenal won 3-1 against the West Ham but lost Ramsay in the 65th minute.

Add captArsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey playing outstanding against West Ham but Injured

Arsenal will face the rivals Tottenham on FA Cup and Newcastle and Cardiff on the Barclays Premier without Ramsey. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Arsenal again top on Barclays Premier League

Barclays Premier League: Arsenal

Arsenal again returned to the top of the table of Barclays Premier League on Thursday by winning against West Ham United. With Theo Walcott 2 goals, Arsenal team has won the match by 3-1.

Arsenal Player Theo Walcott’s goal against West Ham United in Barclays Premier League on Thursday

Podolski appeared first game on this Barclays Premier League match due to hamstring injury from August and scored a goal. With this win, Arsenal boss is happy as they are again in the top of the table.

With Gunners win, Arsenal is in the top heading 3 points than Liverpool. However, Luis Suarez is expecting to keep winning and achieve the top position again in next Barclays Premier League game.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

“Suarez is The Best Player” says Gerrard

Barclays Premier League: Liverpool

Liverpool teammate Luis Suarez is the best player in the world,” says England Captain Steven Gerrard. This red-hot Uruguayan striker appeared in 12 games and goals 19 goals.

Luis Suarez had been suspended for 10 games in last season due to controversial incidents and beat Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic. As a result, he was about to leave Liverpool. But, his recent 4-year contract has made this player charmed.
Two Liverpool Legend England Captain Steven Gerrard and new leader Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are going through injury time. Luis Suarez has already scored 19 goals in Barclays Premier League. Sergio Augero is the nearest rival who scored 14 goals in Barclays Premier League till now.

Steven Gerrard says, “Luis Suarez is likely to goal in every match and lead Liverpool to the top on the Barclays Premier League table. Messi and Cristinao Ronaldo are not playing. So, he is the best player in recent time.”

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Real Madrid Ends Season with 3 Points

Read Madrid superstar Cristinao Ronaldo returns from injury and end this year with a glorious win against Valencia by 3-2. Angel di Maria put Real Madrid on the ahead of the game instead of injured Gareth Bale.

Cristinao Ronaldo celebrated second head-goal against Valencia in La Liga match.

Cristinao Ronaldo put head goal of Angel di Maria’s free-kick on the game. However, Real Madrid is still in the 3rd place after Barcelona and Atl├íntico Madrid from 5 points of La Liga.

So, Real Madrid is playing well this year and hope to be good in the upcoming season. Real Madrid is also looking for signing new players in winter transfer season. Angel Di Maria is looking for joining Napoli.

Monday, December 23, 2013

England spinner Graeme Swann Sudden Retirement Shocked Cricketers!

England spinner Graeme Swann suddenly announced his retirement from any type of cricket on Sunday. It is thought that the requirement is for failure on Ashes Test Series by 3-0.

Swann has already taken 255 wickets who is the 5th leading wicket taker all time as an England bowler in 60 tests. His sudden decision has unsettles England as there is a chance to lose the Ashes Series by 5-0.

England spinner Graeme Swann 5 years career of first class, Test, ODI and T20.

Graeme Swann has taken only 7 wickets in last 3 Ashes Tests with an average of 80.00 which is very poor. My body is not supporting me to ball for a long time in test cricket to 30-40 over. He is the key spinner for England International Cricket Team but Monty Panesar is likely to play on 4th and 5th Ashes Test.

“Graeme Swann took this decision on frustration and wish he will come back from retirement,” England Coach says in this brief. Whatever, Graeme Swann plays only 5 years for England and gives a lot to his team.

Hattrick Hero Pedro Rodriguez: Barcelona Relief

Barcelona will remain on the top of La Liga in 2013 season with Pedro Rodriguez hattrick score on Sunday. Barcelona won the match by 5-2 goals against Getafe. Two superstar players of Barcelona, Neymar and Leone Messi were not available due to injury.

Barcelona’s Hattrick Hero Pedro Rodriguez

Getafe had a flying start with Sergio Escudero and Lisandro Lopez’s goal within 14 minutes. Later, Pedro scored three times before half time that put Barcelona ahead. Cesc Fabregas and former Arsenal captain doubled his tally from the penalty spot and made it 5-2.

Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid are in the second and third place on goal difference only. Real Madrid has a chance to cut the gap and reach 2nd place by winning at Valencia on upcoming Sunday.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Luis Suarez and Liverpool on TOP POSITION

Barclays Premier League: Liverpool
Luis Suarez gives present to Liverpool with 2 goals last match on Barclays Premier League against Cardiff City for sending new contract. Suarez was irrepressible from the contract starting with Liverpool. But, he recently signs a new 4-year contract with this team.
Liverpool’s sticker Luis Suarez is celebrating his 19th Barclays Premier League goal with teammates.

 Currently Suarez is on fire with his Premier League goals and remain in the top goal scorer. With his two goals of last game, he has 19 goals in this season. SO, he is in the top rank and fires Liverpool to the top. Suarez again come with a responsibility of being captain because of absence of injured Steven Gerrard.

Liverpool has a clear point at the top with 36 points from 17 games while Arsenal is in the second with 35 points and Chelsea on third with 33 points.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Luis Suarez 4-year deal with Liverpool

Barclays Premier League: Liverpool

Luis Suarez has been a discussing name from the arrival time at Liverpool. Many big clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Arsenal is looking for this top rated sticker on their team.

Last night, Suarez signed a new four and a half years contract, Suarez’s agent confirm this. In the Barclays Premier League, Suarez is now in the top on the goal scoring play. Till now, he has scored 17 goals in 11 Barclays Premier League game. In total, he has scored 27 goals in 25 games.
Luis Suarez signing a new contract with Liverpool, News: Barclays Premier League

The 26-aged sticker will get £200,000 per week from the beginning of this new contract and £160,000 till the present contract ends. “He is world-class sticker and has already proved that,” says Liverpool Manager.

Arsenal Midfielder Jake Wilshere Suspended for 2 Games

Jack Wilshere, the Arsenal midfielder will miss next two games due to misconduct charge of Thursday match against Manchester United. Wilshere showed middle finger to the Manchester City’s fan after losing the game by 6-3.

Arsenal Midfielder Jack Wilshere after final whistle of Barclays Premier Leage Match against Manchester City. 

Although the official referees Martin Atkinson of the game, the camera caught his misconduct. On this evidence, English Football Association brought charge due to disciplinary proceeding against this player.

Wilshere is going to miss two big clash of Barclays Premier League games against Chelsea on December 23 and away game West Ham. Three-man panel has confirmed Wilshire’s dismissal for two games.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Iniesta’s contract with Barcelona till 2018

Barcelona president Sandro Rosell ha confirmed that Spanish international player Andes Iniesta has extended his contract to 2018 season.

There is a rumours that Iniesta is looking for his next big club specially on Barclays Premier Leauge of Serie A. But, his long time contract has ended the rumours.

Iniesta on press conference about deal contract with Barcelona 

Although Barcelona did not announce anything of financial conditions of his contract, Iniesta should be the second best paid player in this team.

Manchester on Semi-Finals of League Cup

Finally, Manchester United reach to the semi-finals of League Cup beating Stoke City by 2-0 goals. Two fine strikes from Ashley Young and Patric Evra, Manchester United got the lead and placed themselves in the last four of the tournament.

Manchester United Winger Ashley Young’s Goal during Leage Cup quarter final 

Wayne Rooney was absent due to his unspecified injury, Danny Welbeck take the place of him. Van Persie was not available due to injury from many games. Although this is a through Manchester United may lose the game in accordance of the team’s recent performance. Last Barclays Premier League game, they lost by 3-0 goals to Aston Villa.

However, Manchester United successfully reach to the semi-finals, and David Moyes is good to see his team in the top place. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Neymar’s Magic on Barcelona FC

After losing 3 matches at random missing Messi, Neymar has again proved why he is in the team. Barcelona has been missing the playing and winnings after Messi’s injury. But, Neymar has already scored last 3 games and bring points to his team.
Neymar’s Magic on Copa Del Rey match against FC Cartagena on Tuesday. 

With Neymar’s magic, Barcelona has comfortably got the place in the last 16th of Copa De Rey against Cartagena. Barcelona coach was surprised at Neymar’s playing, scoring and magic’s. Just few days back, he commented Neymar is not perfect and suitable for Barcelona yet. But, Neymar last few games bring hope to his coach’s mind. 

Sunday Expecting for Gareth Bale Injury Recovery

The most expensive player so far, Gareth Bale is suffering from injury from last few days due to an inflamed calf muscle. But, Real Madrid confirms that he will fit against Valencia on Sunday.

Injury Ruins Gareth Bale session at Real Madrid 

As he was joined the training session with his injury yesterday, he faced this injury. This is matter of regret that he was not concerned of his injury and played on training session.

Coach Carlo Ancelotti is expecting Gareth Bale to be fitted in the next match of real’ Copa de Rey Fourth round 2nd leg matches. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Crushing Win against Arsenal

Manchester City won the game of Premier League title credential team Arsenal by 6-3 goals. Till now, this is the highest goal scoring team in the Premier League team. Sergio Aguero was playing so well from the Premier League beginning but Manchester City will miss him upcoming few games due to injury against Arsenal game.

Manchester City Sticker Alvaro Negredo scores 2nd goal against Table leader Arsenal at Etihad Stadium. 

Jesus Navas will play instead of Aguero in upcoming match for injury, confirmed by City Manager. Other results of Barclays Premier League are-

Manchester City 6 (Aguero 14, Negredo 39, Fernandinho 50, 88, Silva 66, Toure 90-pen) Arsenal 3 (Walcott 31, 63, Mertesacker 90)

Cardiff 1 (Whittingham 65) West Brom 0

Chelsea 2 (Torres 16, Ramires 35) Crystal Palace 1 (Chamakh 29)

Everton 4 (Osman 18, Coleman 73, Barry 85, Mirallas 90) Fulham 1 (Berbatov 67-pen)

Newcastle 1 (Gouffran 27) Southampton 1 (Rodriguez 65)

West Ham 0 Sunderland 0

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Liverpool Suffers Gerrard Injury

The legend of Liverpool, Steven Gerrard will be out more than 4 matches due to his hamstring injury. On the 56th minute of game against West Ham, he pull-up with this problem.

Liverpool manage Brendan Rodgers confirmed of four weeks leaving of this legend. Manager reports, “He is giving good treatment through the upcoming weeks and team will get him soon.”

Gerrard are going to miss the games against, Tottenham, Manchester City, Chelsea, Hull City and Cardiff City. Currently, his team is in the 2nd position of Barclays Premiere League.

ICC awards of 2013: Hero Clarke

Australian captain Michael Clarke got the honors of both player of the year and the Test Cricketer of the year from International Cricket Council award. Alastair Cook was also nominee along with other 4 nominees with his brilliant scores.

In the Test player of the year, Clarke defeated Hasim Amla. Cheteshwar Pujara, Dale Styne, and Anderson. In additional, Kuma Sangakkara was awarded for On-day cricketer of the year, Pakistan Cricketer Umar Gul is best performance of the year for Twenty-20. Mahela Jayawardena wins the Sprite of the cricket award defeating Bangladeshi all-rounder Farhad Reza.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Neymar First Hat trick on Barcelona

Brazilian Player, Neymar scored 3 goals on his first Champion League match. It was also his first hat trick on Barcelona. Finally, he gets rid of drought for goals in Barcelona after coming from Santos. It was a joyful match for this Brazilian Forwarder. With this match scores, he already scored 8goals and 10 assists for Barcelona FC.

He needs 13 minutes only to score 3 goals. It was the first fastest hat trick for any Barcelona players and second fastest hat trick in the history of Champions Cup. With his fastest hat trick, he joined the group of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Messi who scored hat trick in Champions League.