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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Manchester United Joins Gundogan race

Gundogan decline the new contract from BVB and available for sale. Therefore, Manchester United joints tobatter to sign the Gundogan.

Liverpool also wants to sign the Gundogan because they are losing the midfielder Gerrard. For that reason, Manchester United will face Liverpool and other some interested clubs in Premier League for the player.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Barclays Premier League Update: Barclays Premier League Preview 2013

Barclays Premier League Update 2013

2013 games of Barclays Premier League are going to be ended. Lots of funs, good games, bad games, great changes happened in Barclays Premier League. Different team has got their player and be in the top in this year of Barclays Premier League Title.

Barclays Premier League Title by Manchester City

Barclays Premier League Title by Manchester City

Manchester City won the Barclays Premier League title of 2012/13 season. Therefore, the year was great for the team. The team gets good players like Nasri, David Silva, and Augero but sell the finest player Tevez.

Good Bye the Greatest Legend Sir Alex Ferguson

Legend Sir Alex Ferguson touch the Barclays Premier League trophy final time

Sir Alex Ferguson, the greatest name in the field of Football management. He is the person who ruled Barclays Premier League 27 years with Manchester United, FA Cup, English League, and European League and so on. He retired from Manchester United with a style lifting the Barclays Premier League trophy last time.

World Record Transfer for Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale the world’s expensive player with Best PLAYER CRISTINAO RONALDO

World’s most expensive player Gareth Bale was sold to La Liga club Real Madrid from Barclays Premier League club Tottenham. The transfer completed with 85.3 million pound in September and quite happy in the team. Last world record was 80 million pound for the Cristinao Ronaldo from Manchester United.

Dominance Season for Bayern Munich

A successful Year for Bayern Munich manager Jupp heynckes

A fulfill season passed by the Bayern Munich manager Jupp heynckes by securing all the cups in the season. With his leading and controlling, Bayern Munich became the first club that won the Bundesliga, the Champions League and the German cup in one season- 2012/2013

Brazil Stop Spanish Winning Run

Brazil winning pic on Confederations Cup 

Spain played 29 international matches without beaten from the June, 2010. Brazil stopped the run unbeaten team in the Confederations Cup final by 3-0. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Manchester on Semi-Finals of League Cup

Finally, Manchester United reach to the semi-finals of League Cup beating Stoke City by 2-0 goals. Two fine strikes from Ashley Young and Patric Evra, Manchester United got the lead and placed themselves in the last four of the tournament.

Manchester United Winger Ashley Young’s Goal during Leage Cup quarter final 

Wayne Rooney was absent due to his unspecified injury, Danny Welbeck take the place of him. Van Persie was not available due to injury from many games. Although this is a through Manchester United may lose the game in accordance of the team’s recent performance. Last Barclays Premier League game, they lost by 3-0 goals to Aston Villa.

However, Manchester United successfully reach to the semi-finals, and David Moyes is good to see his team in the top place. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stay Rooney”- Said by Robin Van Persie

During an interview on Sunday, Robin Van Persie said to Rooney to Stay on Manchester United. From the beginning of the transfer season, Rooney wants to transfer his team. 

As soon as Morinho get authority on Chelsea, he wants Wayne Rooney to his team. He already submit bid 2 times to Manchester United. Rooney wants to remain in any club of English but David Moyes, the manager of United has declared Rooney is not for any club of Barclays Premier League.

Robin Van Persie reached on Manchester United on the last transfer season and delighted with his performance. Therefore, Rooney has lost his position due to some bad matches and no goals. But, Robin believes, “Rooney will soon come with goals and should stay with his own club.