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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Liverpool vs. Chelsea on Barclays Premier League

Barclays Premier League top leading team Liverpool will going to face Chelsea tonight at 10pm at Stamford Bridge. This will be the greatest match in the current season of Barclays Premier League.

Big Crush Chelsea vs. Liverpool at Barclays Premier League

Today’s game will be first match of Jose Mourinho against Liverpool in Barclays Premier League. He thinks Liverpool’s aim will win the title of Barclays Premier League as they are absent from European competition.

Luis Suarez is on the top of the table and Mourinho is aware of him. But, Chelsea also has Oscar, Mata and Hazzard on the middle of field to support. Now, its matter of fact, is Chelsea going to beat super form player Luis Suarez and Liverpool in the upcoming match?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stay Rooney”- Said by Robin Van Persie

During an interview on Sunday, Robin Van Persie said to Rooney to Stay on Manchester United. From the beginning of the transfer season, Rooney wants to transfer his team. 

As soon as Morinho get authority on Chelsea, he wants Wayne Rooney to his team. He already submit bid 2 times to Manchester United. Rooney wants to remain in any club of English but David Moyes, the manager of United has declared Rooney is not for any club of Barclays Premier League.

Robin Van Persie reached on Manchester United on the last transfer season and delighted with his performance. Therefore, Rooney has lost his position due to some bad matches and no goals. But, Robin believes, “Rooney will soon come with goals and should stay with his own club.