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Monday, December 23, 2013

England spinner Graeme Swann Sudden Retirement Shocked Cricketers!

England spinner Graeme Swann suddenly announced his retirement from any type of cricket on Sunday. It is thought that the requirement is for failure on Ashes Test Series by 3-0.

Swann has already taken 255 wickets who is the 5th leading wicket taker all time as an England bowler in 60 tests. His sudden decision has unsettles England as there is a chance to lose the Ashes Series by 5-0.

England spinner Graeme Swann 5 years career of first class, Test, ODI and T20.

Graeme Swann has taken only 7 wickets in last 3 Ashes Tests with an average of 80.00 which is very poor. My body is not supporting me to ball for a long time in test cricket to 30-40 over. He is the key spinner for England International Cricket Team but Monty Panesar is likely to play on 4th and 5th Ashes Test.

“Graeme Swann took this decision on frustration and wish he will come back from retirement,” England Coach says in this brief. Whatever, Graeme Swann plays only 5 years for England and gives a lot to his team.